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The history of Family Empowerment Associates, LLC (FEA) goes back over 17 years. Back in 2004, I began working with the In-Community population. I worked for someone else and thought the process and services could be improved and the timing was ripe for me to start my own organization to do the quality work I envisioned could be possible within this program. I wanted to find seasoned and like-minded therapists and Behavioral Assistants to help the company to expand and bring the caring professional vision that I had developed to fruition. The company goal was to have a fairly small group of professionals, who can be monitored and have a family feel, which I thought was so important in this line of work. We sought out only well experienced therapists, that I either knew personally or were recommended by trusted colleagues. Well it's over 17 years later and FEA has collected a fine group of caring, well trained professionals that truly care about their clients and serve them with all the skills and knowledge they have in their tool boxes. We have grown to around 60  professionals with a variety of backgrounds, from police work, pastoral services, and the academic world. Most of our professionals have families of their own. Having a family of your own serves as a great arena to test your skills, before you need to use them on the families you are serving. I have always had the vision for FEA to be a company that parents and children feel comfortable with and can be honest with in order to help them navigate this difficult life and all the challenges that face families on a regular basis. Parenting is a job with little rewards at times, but it helps us grow as human beings and hopefully we have the skills and patience to help our children to grow and become valued, productive citizens of this world. FEA is dedicated to serving families to learn, refine, and expend all the skills necessary to make this life experience the best it can be.

Gregory Koguc, LPC, CEO

Greg Koguc




76 West Jimmie Leeds Rd Suite 305

Galloway, NJ 08205

Contact us for Outpatient Counseling

Phone: (609) 916-6500 

For emergencies, please call 911

Contact us for Recovery Services

Phone: 609-573-5260 

Fax: 609-573-5261


Contact us for Intensive In-Community Services

Phone: (609) 289-5354

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